Digital Media – Demand

What is Digital Media?

Media are the tools we use to communicate. Humans use tools, and we use tools to communicate long distances, across time and to more people than we could speak in a lifetime.

What is the impact of digital media on society?

More recently, there has been a boom in the digital media world. With advances in technologies meaning brands have a whole new way of targeting there audience. This includes services that simply weren’t conceivable in earlier days, such as Netflix, BBC Iplayer, and any on demand service. These services are more accessible and than previous alternatives, such as DVD’s. Itunes and Spotify are also examples of streaming media instead of having the physical disc. The rise in tablet and mobile devices means that the majority have access to these services. This chart demonstrates the rapid growth in digital media consumption in the last three years.

Overall, its quite clear that people are continuing to dismiss older traditional methods of media consumption, and traditional media powerhouses invest in new media companies, such as Vox Media and BuzzFeed.

So what is the biggest challenge for people working in media?

The answer: How can the media covert digital’s dominance into more revenue?



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