Photography Double Page Spread Research

I started by choosing my topic for the double page spread. With the sun coming out and the weather improving coming into spring, the countryside has blossomed and full of vibrant colours and every shade of green imaginable. So I decided the natural environment is something that not only I really enjoy, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by it every day.

Im going to start by looking at these three double page spreads. This will form my research where I wish to grasp inspiration and replicate what i like about the designs in my own effective layout.

This design is split into three sections, with the information running through the middle. I like how the images have been shot, there exciting images and of high quality. I don’t think the design shows these images off in the best light. The banner running through the middle distracts from the beautiful imagery. The audience does however get drawn into the panoramic landscape of the mountains. The photographer has obviously purposely used a wide angled lens to show the scope of the natural beauty in front of them. I also don’t like how the images clash in the middle at the bottom of the page. There is a clear line that divides the too images and this is just another distraction to the audience.


I really like this design. The designer has thought about the composition of the design. Different textures such as the long beige grass to the stoney castle cast in shadow, to the dark gloomy sky adding drama to the landscape. The brightest part of the image is the grass which leaps off the page, and the contrasting large, italic serif typeface adds another layer of contrast so the reader can read the text easily. There is clear evidence of a grid system being used, with the body text running along the top of the page in three columns, in front of the dark sky in white. The design has historical connotations from the typography to the castle.


Again I really like this design. Theres strong contrast between the deep blue sky, the white clouds, orange sunset, and the stunning green fields. The image takes up the majority of the page, with a small amount of text positioned to the left of the page explaining the purpose of the image. I think this layout is great for a double page spread, Although I would make the image bleed off the page to really give focus to the main attraction. There is also clear use of a grid system, dividing the page into four columns, however the image takes up the majority of the page.

Backpacker Magazine Double Page Spread
Double page spread in Backpacker Magazine of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, Kansas, USA.

To conclude, I’d like to say that I’ve found inspiration in these designs, and next I will move onto what places of natural beauty I will target that are local and easily accessible to me, how I will shoot them to get the best results, and further research into grids.


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