End of Year Type Portfolio Brief Analysis

We received a more complicated brief than usual for the end of the year. We had to choose 2 brief from a possible 4, however one of those was to change previous work within the type portfolio, and was optional so effectively that meant choosing 2 from 3.

After reading the brief several times, I decided to choose option 2: “Undertake any small typographic project that you think will show off your skills. You may use imagery but typography must be the significant part.” This could include anything from a logo, to a poem or Limerick, but the type have to be the most signifcant feature on the page. Typography is something I have developed a better understanding throughout the year, and I want to play to my strengths and produce an eye catching and inventive typographic piece that will excite the audience.

I also decided to go with option 3 “On the website of Jonathan Barnbrook is a brief written by him that asks students to invent a new punctuation mark (brief 02).” Loads to consider with this task. How will the punctuation mark be used and how will that symbol show the purpose and stand out on the page/screen.


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