Infographic Design Research

To begin the design process, I researched other infographics and analysed how effective the information was displayed, and the visual signs and signifiers that aid the audience.

To begin, I looked at this Starbucks infographic displaying a selection of cold brew coffee. I have previously worked on designs promoting a similar product at work, Sandows Cold Brew Coffee. I particularly like the illustration in this design. They’re a simple line sketches give a personal, hand crafted, designed feel. They’re by no means perfect, but clear, big and effective. This poster however is only displaying three products, which is slightly different to the direction we are going with our infographic about paper, which will consist of multiple facts and different sections to divide the information.

I also like the colour scheme, using a stoney beige/light brown as the background. This colour combined with white gives an artisan feel, and is in keeping with the ideologies of the coffee brand. The typography is coloured black and a darker shade of of brown to the background. This darker brown text describes the product, and then links to the colour of the liquid in the illustrations below. This makes it easy for the audience to link the information quickly, almost subconsciously.

The typography is balanced and in keeping with the brand. They have used similar typefaces to the brand, with larger sentences using an italic serif typeface to break the text up. The title uses an “inline” typeface. A similar style typeface used in the brands logo, but with a small white line running directly through the centre.

I also like the small simple digram, showing the ratio of coffee to milk. This makes it really easy to the audience to make an informed choice before ordering. Below this digram are small icons with labels, again making it easy for the reader to understand the poster more clearly.


The infographic below attempts to show the wastage of paper in the USA. This is a lot more like what we hope to produce. The colour scheme of green against a worn stained texture, and brown, which have the connotations of the natural world, and all the controversial topics surrounding it such as deforestation etc.

There are small hints all around the page, but what i really like about this page is how it has used “CRAP” (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity). This is evident throughout the design, but I want to point out one section which works and makes the design flow. The large fir tree on the landscape makes it easy for the reader to visualise the fact, that is aligned to the left. The scale next to the tree also makes it easy for visualise the size of the tree.

Each digram has its own fact attached to it. Its interesting to note the weights of the typefaces, with the figures being larger and and bolder, in contrast to the light weighted information. Its clear and to the point, easy to follow and portrays the information in the best possible light.

There are key signifiers all around the design, with wild life such as bears and reindeer, native animals to America. This almost plays on the feelings of the audience, knowing the amount of paper they are using is effecting the animals natural habitats.


I really like the colour scheme again in this design, contrasting yellow with with a very dark grey. This gives the design a happy feel, which is what Instagram is all about, being social and having fun. The dark grey gives it a more powerful yet elegant feel.

The design is all about if all the selfies uploaded to Instagram where printed, how high would the stack reach? Well visually you can see the page is divided by the stacked paper, which leads the reader vertically through the design. Theres a strong feeling of rising throughout the design, as the arrows in each section lead you from the bottom to the top.



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