Ethics Poster Introduction

We were given a brief to think ethically within graphic design. So what does that mean? Well to better understand, we were put into groups and given scenarios on pieces of paper. These included:

  • A charity has asked you to design a poster however can’t pay you, what do you do?
  • A client has asked you for an amendment to a design for free as a favour, but you normally charge, what do you do?
  • The agency you work for has asked you to work on a design that promotes natural fur.

This got us thinking about the real world, and debating in groups made us break each problem into pros and cons, and how we might react to the scenario.

The brief asks us to produce an infographic for Communication Arts Magazine about cultural issues and theories that impact on the creative industry. In our groups, we sat down together and made a mind map of all the different issues surrounding the graphic designers, and how we might represent these issues in a infographic.


We then chose a from the mind map our topic for the infographic. We chose paper and how it impacts the environment, making graphic designers aware of the impact they are having when they are putting “stuff” out in to the world.


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