Semiotics – Web Design

The internet is full of signs. The main objective for the user is to full fill a task on a website. In order for the user to accomplish a task, the website must use signs in order to navigate the user around the site without any issues. As part of my website analysis, I looked in depth at the signifiers that each website has used to get the brands ideologies across to the audience.

Pentagram uses the colour red to give the impression of passion and strength. The brand is well established, so the signifier of red shows strength and power within the market, and passion for the work they produce. Red is a symbolic sign , as there is no logical meaning between it an the object. However red can also fall under the indexical sign category, as it could be a signifier for blood. This is something that I wish to replicate in my design. I want to seem professional, yet passionate about the work i’m producing.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 12.46.08.png

As you can see in the top right of the image above, there is a magnifying glass that is used for the search bar. This is a symbolic sign as the convention is learnt by the audience previously, giving them the knowledge to know that it is a symbol for searching. At the bottom of the page, there is a deep rich  red bar in keeping with the ideologies of the brand. Also in the centre is a box split into three rows and three columns or cubes. This is also a symbolic sign, as the user has also learnt that this symbol means “expand to tiled display”.


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