Digital Media -Pinterest

  • Explain why you think it is digital media – Pinterest is a way of sharing websites and images with other users. This is a form of social media, and can be shared on Facebook and twitter so the user doesn’t have to repeat themselves over multiple platforms.
  • How designer s and lay people might use or work with this media – This is useful for creative minds especially, as the user can collate a library of work that they find inspirational or interesting.
  • Something about the mechanics of the medium – People pin things to boards and categorize them. Then other users can fill in search criteria that leads them to the categories, where they can view other peoples pins and pin them to there own boards.
  • Explain what your interest in this medium is – I use pinterest a lot for research and inspirational purposes. Its easy to navigate and look for interesting design pieces, and just as easy to to store for a later date.



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