Digital Media – Facebook

  • Explain why you think it is digital media – Facebook is a platform that allows users to share media online, anywhere in the world. The site gives the user the ability to raise there digital media profile, and broadcast there thoughts and feelings through status updates.
  • How designer s and lay people might use or work with this media – The user can communicate with there other friends using the service. They have the ability to share images, video, and messages with other users, increasing there social interaction without having to be face to face. The user can also create groups, for example if the user is part of a football team, the groups message board can advertise the game time, date, meeting time etc. Advertising companies have exploited this service to send targeted ads based on the trends of their search history. This has spread debate across the world about data security. Does the user know their information is being stored and sold to a third party? Facebook_Mobile.jpg

Many companies have used Facebook as a free way to advertise there business. A strong social media presence is incredibly valuable to a business as it opens up the barrier of communication and accessibility to the wider world. Reviews, comments and information can be shared on a businesses “wall”.


The user also has the ability to share across multi platforms, so the same message doesn’t have to be repeated lots of times to the same audience.


  • Something about the mechanics of the medium – The user initially sets up an account with Facebook, supplying them with personal information, and critically an email address and password that Facebook can communicate with the user. For example if there was a security breach, Facebook are able to email the user to their personal email address to resolve the problem. After the setup process, the user befriends all of the people they have associations with. After these people have accepted the friend request, the users are able to look at each others media online. Each post is displayed on “the newsfeed”, which is like a continuous feed of media to scroll through.
  • Explain what your interest in this medium is – Everyone these days has a Facebook account. I personally use Facebook to communicate with my friends and colleagues, as it is quick and accessible. As the site is online 24/7, there isn’t any need to save phone numbers, as the data has already been entered by the user in the setup stage of the account. The user can change or update these details at any time. I also used Facebook a lot when I traveled. It was an easy way to share experiences in the form of images and videos. I simply created albums and uploaded them onto the Facebook server. My friends were able to see the media and comment or “like” individual images, sparking debate amongst my group of friends.

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