Digital Media – Digital Photography

  • Explain why you think it is digital media – Before digital photography, photographers used film which was wasteful, expensive, and a long drawn out process. As photography developed, it became apparent that there was growing demand for quick, instant access photography that was available to the masses. What digital photography lacks in anticipation and traditionalism, it undoubtably compensates for in efficiency. There are three main positives from digital photography: Quickness, Adaptability, and Post-production.
  • How designer s and lay people might use or work with this media – Most people have access to some sort of digital camera these days, whether it be a mobile phone, a compact camera, or a DSLR. Everyday people may used there smart phones to take snapshots. These pictures used to be lower in quality than those you would take on a compact or DSLR. However, as technology has advanced, the quality of the camera and images has risen significantly, to the point where they can rival images taken on professional camera equipment. The user of a smart phone would take images for the purpose of social media uploads, where the quality of the image would be less important than the image it self. Compact cameras and DSLR’s have a digital display, where the user can manipulate features such as the iso, aperture, and exposure. This is good for when the image is the main focus, and the quality should be better so the audience takes an interest in the image.
  • Something about the mechanics of the medium – As previously mentioned, the settings can be changed by the user to manipulate the final resulting image. The user can also compose the image using a digital LCD display, which is useful so the photographer doesn’t have to bend down and view it through a view finder. The resulting image can also be viewed on the LCD screen, meaning the user wouldn’t have to wait a long time for the film to develop in more traditional methods.Iphone_Camera.jpg
  • Explain what your interest in this medium is – As a graphic designer, I visually communicate with my intended audience everyday. The importance of quick, effective, and good quality photography is key in my job. The quality of the image must be the best possible, so the signifiers aren’t lost to the audience. I used my smartphone for my blog, as its quick and easily accessible. Also the image quality is less important for demonstration purposes on my blog. NIKON_D60_1.jpg



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