Book Covers From the 1860s

As part of my research, I looked at other books from the 1860s. What was particularly interesting was the use of texture on the sleaves. This made the book attractive and interacted with the audience other than the written words. As you can see from the images below, there are man historical and biblical references on the front covers of the books. This is an indication of what society was like in the 1860s, and the religious aspect should be considered in my final design for my book cover. I also like the patterns on the books. There are clean lines and borders around the edge, but with detail added in the form of illustrative pattern. Also, i noticed a lot of books were coloured red. Perhaps this is an indication of the lack of coloured inks available at the time. There is also clear use of foiling on one of the designs, which I would say would have belonged to a wealthy person. The gold foil also stands out on red background. Although I may not foil for this particular project, I like the colour scheme, and hope to replicate this in my design.


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