Previous Book Covers

I looked at different editions of Crime and Punishment to see what illustrations and typography is used, and how the ideologies of the book are visually portrayed through these mediums.

The rule of thirds is evident in the first three designs above have a clear rule of thirds running throughout the designs, which gives a clear hierarchy of importance to each element.

I like the imagery used in bot the first and third image, where a key theme, isolation, is shown through the expression of a remorseful, guilty man.


The typography used in the first image is very medieval and old style. This gives a feeling of age and the era at which it was written. The text is also centre aligned, drawing attention to the display face. There is also emphasis on the “C” and “P” as the capitals are significantly larger than the small caps. I think its important to take note of this, as the book is set in the 1860’s.

The second design also uses a similar layout, however the image is framed and aligned center along with the type. The typeface is a serif font, that also connotes age and formality. The image used reminds me of a illustration of a caught case, where the guilty person is shown.

I liked the angle of isolation that shown in all the pieces. The man feels alienated from society after feeling above the law.



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