The Audience of My Design

As the brief states, PDF two should include research on my intended audience. Who is my audience? What might they think about my product? And how might they perceive my visual communication.

To do this, we looked a couple of techniques that would help us to jump into the shoes of our audience, and experience what their thoughts and feelings might be when they see the product. This is important to understand before the design process to make sure my product has a purpose, and a customer once the product has been made.

One of these techniques is called personas. A lot of design companies use this technique to better understand their intended audience. Sancha asked us to come up with three identities that might be a potential customer. Its easy when designing to have tunnel vision, and to focus on my own thoughts and feelings, and not consider other peoples age, gender, and own beliefs.

After creating my personas, I took them through a journey map. This means taking the identity through the process from noticing the product, to buying it, and then using it. Doing this raised some questions about my design, and from this I have developed the idea further. I realised that the waterproofing of the shoe would be fundamental to its success. I then looked into other ways the shoe could protect the usb from getting wet. I thought about other waterproofed electronics, for example my mobile phone the samsung s5, and how I might use replicate this in my design. I noticed that the charging port was sealed with a plastic piece that fitted into the plug, meaning no water could go in nor out.

DSC03233.jpgThinking sustainably, I wanted to use a material that isn’t going to harm the environment from production to the end of use. At this stage, I’m thinking of using cork, like a wine stopper, in order to keep my product dry, however I want to do some more research in order to find out if there is a more suitable product available.


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