Sports Shoe Adverts

I took a look at some other well known sports brands to see how they visually communicate the messages of a sports shoe.

The poster below is big and bold, but simple. The text takes up almost a whole third of the top of the page. The light background has a very slight radial gradient from white to a slight tone of grey. This makes the big bold black text almost leap out at the audience, and really catches the eye. The tagline is also very clever. The quick fix makes the audience ask how and why?  The poster flows from text, to the image of the shoes, to the small piece of information explaining the design and technology. The poster is well balanced, with the main bulk of the information being at the bottom. This gives the audience the opportunity to read the information quickly and effectively.


From a typography standpoint, i think this design is very effective, however i’m not sure if I used this technique, whether the audience would pick up the purpose of the shoe and what impact it has of the world.


This poster is clear and striking, however the image is solely focused on the shoe, which isn’t a bad thing. However I feel my design needs some sort of information explaining what the product does. This design would fit well on the fibanche spiral as the eye is drawn to the bottom right of the page where the shoe starts. Directly above in another focus point is the logo that contrasts well with the white back ground.


I think this design is incredibly simple but effective. One small line of text saying “Walk on air” with white text on a black background positioned centre of a landscape billboard. Directly above is a 3d model of the shoe, implying the shoe is light enough to rise to the the top of the billboard.



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