My initial idea is based around the generation of kinetic energy. I wanted to find out what other products are out there and being developed that are along similar lines to what i’m proposing.

I came across this football that is kicked around, and within the ball is a pendulum that moved to rotate a motor, that in turns generates the electricity. Kicking the football around for half an hour can produce enough energy to light a LED bulb for three hours. This design is a simple solution to the production of energy. A lot of energy is wasted with everyday activities that we should be utilising. The whole idea of the football has been re-thought in order to solve a problem, which is darkness in third world countries, and poverty as they cant afford the electricity to power lightbulbs. This also ties in with gamification, where the user has fun with the product without necessarily noticing the underlying purpose.

For my own project I can draw inspiration from the design of the generator that produces the electricity. It stems from a pendulum placed in the centre of the ball. As the ball is kicked the pendulum swings, giving the movement that is required to turn the motor and produce the energy.



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