Peter Kennard – Imperial War Museum

On the 11th of January we travelled to london again to visit the Imperial War Museum to look at the work of a political artist, Peter Kennard. His work aims to instigate debate about art, politics and society. it attempt to bring together different issues to stimulate the development of new forms of art that deal with everday global theames.


Below are a few examples of his work. The artist has tried to encapsulate the world from a negative portrayal of war. In the image below, you can see the world from a distance with a bullet passing through the centre. This perspective makes the audience wonder why is there a need for war?


This piece is interesting as it tackles one of the most common forms of discrimination, racism. I like the contrast between the black background, the photocopied face. There is clear segregation between the black and white features. The most prominent part of the image is the layered broken wooden plank with the writing “WHITES ONLY NET BLANKES” meaning whites only and no blacks in afrikaans. This shows the black person breaking through this barrier in society.


The piece below is also striking. The world is covered with the gas mask, with two big super powers, the USA and the UK in the eyes. The mouth piece is stuffed with bombs, signifying war instigated by these two countries.




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