Types Of Illustration

When considering what type of illustration I should go for on the front cover, I looked at different types of illustration that fall into two categories:

Digital – using design software such as Adobe illustrator or Quark express.

Non-Digital – This can be anything from collage, drawing, painting, and any other mediums of non digital design.

Its important to note that i’m not constrained to choosing one or the other, I can draw an image and then scan it into the computer and open it with illustrator, making sure there is strong contrast between black and white to get the desired anchor point after using image trace in illustrator.


The design below shows a fully digital design, with a greyscale photograph beneath a layer of hand silhouettes coloured white. As a whole I like the image, it has strong contrast and the idea intrigues the eye of the audience



Here is an example of non-digital design. The artist has used a variation different brush strokes to create a simple but effective illustration of a seductive woman looking over her shoulder. Although effective, this hand drawn illustration is a bit out of my comfort zone, so i’m reluctant to try this.


A Mix of Both Digital & Non-Digital

I really like the image below. It integrates elements of digital and non digital design, which almost feels like old to new and gives a modern twist to a dated feeling image.



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