Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital – is having assets that give us social mobility. Interestingly it has no relation to finance, so we have the power to control goal and become successful, rising up the social ladder. We all have cultural capital, we have different skills and tastes in music, clothes, and past experiences.

In plain term its the ideas and ideas and knowledge that people draw upon as they participate in social life. Everything from rules of etiquette to being able to speak and write effectively can be considered as cultural capital.

Cultural capital can be split into three categories:

  • Institutionalized – education or specialised knowledge
  • Embodied – personality, speech, skills
  • Objectified – clothes or belongings

Financial Capital

On the other hand, financial capital is measurable in numbers. For example, Bill Gates is worth $79 billion dollars. This isn’t just in monetary terms, it takes into account his possession of stocks and the monetary value of them.



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