Wildlife Photographer of the year – Connotation and Denotation

Today we went to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum. We did this to look at still images, and looking deeper at what the photographer was trying to connote in a still image. Every image tells a story, and its from our past experiences that we depict the meaning of the image presented. I want to take the opportunity to display my understanding of the connotations and denotations of a few images I found interesting at the exhibition.


Denotation – Fox Hunting

Connotations – Cute cuddly fox kills innocent bear in order to survive where he is alone with no support of family.


Denotation – Birds flying

Connotation – two birds fighting as two  other birds flee. One bird looks straight at the camera, as if he turning a blind eye to the events unfolding in front of its eyes.


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