John Stephen – Fashion Designer


John Stephen was known for his extravagant and colourful designs, dressing the lies of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, Stephen influenced a generation of young males with new, interesting fashions. He was know for the ‘Peacock Revolution’ in which men’s interest in ostentatious styles became the forefront of fashion. The era became known as ‘The Swinging 60’s’ where London was branded the Swinging City by Time magazine. It linked London and all things hip and fashionable, that had been growing in popularity from the start of the decade.

Stephen was labelled “The King of Carnaby Street,” and soon expanded his business, opening 15 stores under different identities and franchises internationally, including rome and the US. During the decade it became acceptable for males to take care and pride in there appearance, and Carnaby Street became a ‘cool’ area for young males.



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