Analysis of Brief – Subcultures

Today we were given our new brief which is to design and create a front cover and double page spread for “Creative Review” magazine. The piece has to be about a revival of a youth subculture of our choice.

The design must identify a subculture and how it is going to be a revival from past to present. I will do extensive research into the history of my chosen subculture in order to better understand the cultural context of the piece, and how my signifiers will connote the right messages I wish to get across to my intended audience.

The front cover must include an illustration, and this will be a signifier in the of the subculture, and my intention is for the audience to understand and have a positive response to the image. It is also important that I consider my choices of typography when designing the double page spread and front cover, as it has to be in keeping with the ideology and aesthetics of the magazine.

I will also consider the dimensions of the document, and pay close attention to the spacing between columns, the border etc.

Learning Outcomes

1            The intended subject specific learning outcomes and, as appropriate, their relationship to programme learning outcomes

By the end of this module, students will have:

(1)    Related research techniques to the investigation of type and typographers and their related social context and visual meanings.

(2)  Used subcultures as a case study to begin to explore theories of society, ideology, cultural capital, process communication and wider theories.

(3)  Begun to explore theories of visual communication in relation to commercial and non-commercial design, especially advertising, and applied these to questions of ethics in design.

(4)  Begun to relate theory to practice through carrying out practical work in answer to briefs and by analysis of the work of others.

(5)  Developed a basic awareness of semiotics through visually exploring the theory and by presenting an investigation of it via interactive design.

(6)    Explored basic philosophical aesthetics and related this to current design practice.

2            The intended generic learning outcomes and, as appropriate, their relationship to programme learning outcomes

By the end of this module, students will have:

(1)  Begun to apply research and referencing skills to all projects.

(2)  Begun to recognise relevant theories of communication, especially visual communication.

(3)  Explored case studies of historical and contemporary graphic design and related disciplines.

(4)  Begun to develop synthesis of researched material into own work.

Theres a lot of learning outcomes to tick off, however our deadline is in a months time, so i’m confident if I get my head down and learn about my chosen subculture and what place it has in society, I will execute the brief well.


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