Evaluation of Zines Project

In this blog post, I wish to explore what went well, not so well, and what I would improve if I could do the project again. I’ll be dissecting each page I created.

Visual Communication

MPN – I think this design communicates the messages I wanted to get across and meets the brief well. I used redundant imagery, which the reader would expect to see, in the form of a hand drawn bird and a letter held under the birds wing. This obvious placement of imagery visually aids the reader to help better understand the purpose of the article. I think the typefaces used could have more contrast between them, and this would help make my design more eye catching and interesting to read. I do like how i’ve contrasted small caps with lowercase letters, however the impact of the sans serif typeface is a little bit lost and the bottom of the page. I think I maybe should have aligned the “MPN” on one line, and had mobile pigeon network below all on one line. This would not only free up space on the page, but given a stronger alignment, and the segregation between the two different texts would be more clear. With MPN aligned from top to bottom, the text is a little bit lost and makes readability harder.


“Don’t Get a Dud Spud”

I had fun working on this article. I liked the general concept and ideas seemed to just flow naturally throughout the development of ideas process. In terms of imagery, I wasn’t completely happy with my illustration just off center of the page. My artistic abilities are very limited, however I think the idea of a lightbulb squashed into a potato would work well if executed with a bit more finesse. I also think I could have paid closer attention to the hand written type and what purpose it actually served in the design. It worked well when I used it in a sign context to the right of the page, as many signs are handwritten. I do however like the heading typeface. I think it works well and almost reminds me of an old war propaganda poster. The typewriter font makes it easy for the audience to capture a sense of the article. I don’t however like the centered alignment of the three lines, I wish I had stuck with a stronger left alignment, as I think the eye is drawn to the letter A and detracts from the rest of the text. If I were to improve on this article, I would change the alignment of the header, and pay more attention to the type used below the heading, as I think I could have strived for stronger contrasts, thus making it a more interesting and appealing design.



Again, I had a lot of fun making this piece. Ideas were easy to come by and I had a strong visual image from the outset of what I wanted to design, though wasn’t adverse to change and development along the way. The bold shadowed stencil used for the heading, in my opinion, works well and stands out center aligned at the top of the page. However I think the typeface used could have conveyed more of a message, maybe something more serif implying age and formality, or perhaps an army stencil that would relate back to the ideologies of the zine. I like the serif typeface used on the can, though I think the words may be a bit lost across the thumbprint. If I were to improve on the design, I would move the text on the can above the thumbprint so it looks less hectic and muddled in the middle.


“Don’t Get Left In the Dark”

I think out of all the articles I produced, this is the one where all the typefaces compliment eachother the best. I like the use of used cut out type from a newspaper. The serif typeface increases the readability, however, the jumbled formation of the type and the different point sizes give it a more rough look, almost mocking the conventions of the serif typeface. I gathered inspiration from the sex pistols, a punk band with the same DIY attitude I was trying to get across. I also like how the glow stick type is light weighted and thin, like fragile sticks. This typeface contrasts well with the free flowing hand written looking stencil used in the other articles on the page. There is clear segregation between each section and this is done by the different contrasting typefaces. I don’t however like the illustrations used. The dangle a candle illustration should be bigger and more prominent on the page, as its quite a funny feature compared to the other two more generic ideas. I could have developed more original ideas to generate light, and this would in turn have given me a more interesting design by the end.



In this project, I found the research really interesting. I feel I have strengthened my knowledge of the historical background of type and print and how it has evolved over time. I can now identify different styles of typefaces and pick out key features that defines the typeface. I found effective and interesting resources which really aided me in my development. With this background knowledge, I was able to pick out characteristics of different typefaces and implement them in certain parts of my design effectively. If im totally honest, I didn’t really enjoy this project as much as I’d hoped. I found it quite fiddly, and difficult to get a perfect design due to the vast amount of variables, such as the different point sizes in found type etc. Also as previously stated, i’m not the most accomplished artist, so hand drawing things actually frustrated me as strived for perfection often. Also looking at a wide range of examples of type and how it is used to express certain feelings and ideologies before being read.


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