Resources And type

After researching the history of typography, I started to think about the zine project, and how I could implement fonts that would look pleasing to the eye and get the desired  messages and ideologies I want to convey. In conjuction with the notes I made on printing techniques, I went to hobbycraft to see what inspiration I could get, and what resources I could get to use in my design. I found some really interesting stencils, which sparked an Idea for the title of the “MPN” article I designed. The typeface is a sanserif typeface with a shadow. When I saw it on the page, It really caught the eye and looks like a 1990’s billboard typeface. I think for the dated look I’m going for in this design, it works quite well. I want to use this below the tagline, “Get your beak on”. For this text I want to use something big and bold. Im going to try variations between different sans serif fonts, geometric sans serif, and slab serif fonts.


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