Redundancy & Entropy

Today we learnt about redundancy & entropy.

Entropy – to specific to be understood by the wider audience – the probability of a piece of information is known as entropy.

Redundancy – is the result of something which is expected or predictable within a genre or topic. For example, christmas is typically associated snow, stars, christmas trees, spices, mulled wine, candy canes etc.

This is important when thinking about our latest project, zines. We will be communicating with an audience with type imagery, and illustrations. To make sure our point is portrayed clearly, redundant imagery can be used to justify our design if its too entropic, i.e cant be understood by a wider audience.

I looked through a Computer Arts magazine to look at examples of redundancy and entropy. I came across an article that talked about going metric. The header image showed a series of redundant imagery, including a ruler and other measuring implements. The use of this imagery makes the audience get a better understanding and grasp of the article. Without this, the design would be boring and difficult to understand.

Another design I looked at was an promotional advert for subscription to the computer arts magazine. They incorporated an image of the shape of  America along with a logo/ stamp in the top right of the a4 page. These redundant images give the audience an idea about what the piece is about without reading the text located inside the shape and below. The colours used also relate to america, with blue white and red symbolising the flag. These subliminal messages are soaked up by the reader.

To further my understanding of redundancy and entropy, I looked at this short slide show which broke down the meaning of both, and gave examples in for the form of music videos, highlighting the use of redundant objects within the video.


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