Ideas and Final Concept

We were put into groups to start working on our zine designs. We collaborated as a group to brainstorm ideas. After thinking about what would appeal to our audience, we wanted to make something quite comical and tongue and cheek, almost mocking the the solar flare. We came up with the idea of making a survival guide theme, with 10 alternative uses to for every day electronics. With this in mind we came up with loads of ideas and got them down on paper in a brainstorm. Once we had collaborated ideas we picked through what would work and what wouldn’t. We filtered our ideas down to 10, and then split them up equally. We bounced ideas off each other about our own articles and wrote down different ideas and sketches. We felt our time together was valuable as reading week next was next week would mean we would be mostly on our own. We also talked about the what paper we could use, and if we could use a different colour paper on the front cover. I felt that black would contrast well on red paper and this would make our zine stand out.

For our theme, we wanted to come up with some different characters that would be copied and adapted throughout the design. We came up with the idea of a simple thumb print with different symbols from the keyboard to form the face. We felt this was a good idea as it relates back to the idea of having no technology. We sketched out a few different combinations.

Below is our brain storm of ideas that we hope to develop into good articles and designs. This was a valuable process to make sure we were on the right track, and everyone had different ideas that aided the development.



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