Research – Zines

Our new project is all about zines. I admit, to begin with I had no idea what they were, however after doing this research Im pretty confident this project is going to be a success.

I started by looking at zines on the internet. I came across a few good websites with interesting examples of zines. I quickly became aware that they were small scale, self published, and often non profit magazines, often expressing an opinion on controversial issues.

Ever since the invention of the photocopier, its given the opportunity for anyone with a passion for self publishing to get there ideologies and views out amongst the people. This project gives us the opportunity to look at different and alternative methods to modern day design, printing techniques, illustrations, and paper stocks and colours.

Here are some examples of zines I looked at. I did look at some examples in class that gave me a good idea of what we were aiming for in terms of design and layout. Its going to be interesting to be able to be free with our ideas and be able to creatively construct an appealing document.

Here are some examples of front covers of zines I found from the internet. I like how they all show to rebel against society in some way, and show an alternative view on the world. They are packed with interesting combinations of type. I particularly like the example at the bottom left of the image, “gagdgie” and how they have simply recycled newspaper cuttings and formed an eye catching title. They all include a lot of recycled material, which is an interesting technique and one that I want to replicate when Im making my articles for my zine. Something else i noticed is how they are all in black and white, but there are some interesting contrasts when printed on coloured paper. Particularly the red zine to the left instantly catches the eye.800px-UK_and_US_zines

I like this example because the crudness of the illustration actually draws the reader in, as they want to work out what is actually going on. All these sketches are great. Really uncomplicated, but still with an eye catching yet unusual design.


This is a more neat and upbeat zine. The use of black against white gives a good contrast, and there is actually good alignment on each page. I like how there are some fun, bolder fonts being used in conjunction with lighter fonts all in capitals. This zine tells the story between tap water vs bottled water, in a fun folded booklet with the pros and cons. Its simple in design and really stands out.

Free Water v Bottle Water


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