Focus Group – Typographic Poster

I wanted to show other people my typographic poster in order to gain constructive feedback about which designs they liked best, what worked well and not so well, and what they might do to rectify such problems. This was a really valuable tool to evaluate my own work.

The feedback I received was generally positive. Here are some of the comments i received about each design.



The arrangement of the type – the important information is clear and bold, so the audience can identify clearly in seconds, whilst the lesser information can be read after the audience attention has been grabbed.

I made a mistake and used an RGB image for the Bexhill text. This can quickly be rectified by changing the colour mode to CMYK for print. This means that the colours won’t distort fade, or alter when it comes to print my design.

The screws in each corner don’t really add anything to the design, and actually makes it look quite amateurish, which is not what my poster wants to convey.


The gold border around the outside, almost emphasises the text inside. Also the arrangement of  ‘Around’ is interesting, with use of the type on a path tool on an ellipse. It gives the sense of motion around without the text being read, important when the audience will only view this for a few seconds to decide whether its worth reading on or not.



They liked how the text was clipped to the background image, making it look like the text had actually been cut out of the white rectangle. They also like the framing idea, and with a bit of development, it could be a really strong concept, and even if not for this project, maybe one in the future.

They liked the font used at the bottom describing the website, however they didn’t think it worked well in the overall design. It drew the eye to less important information, and therefore detracting from the more important text, for example the location, Bexhill, or “typographic walk”. Also the main image was lost in the background, and didn’t really serve any real purpose in the design. I think I agree with this statement, I don’t want my audience to be distracted with whats in the background of the poster, I want to attract them to the type, in which they share an interest in.


The frame concept, everyone agreed that it really was a strong idea, and maybe if tweaked, could be developed into something really nice in the future. I however, think for this project, its not working with the brief as well as I had hoped.



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