Sketches & Ideas

After our trip to Bexhill, I thought it would be a good idea to get some sketches down on paper so I could visually construct my design. After initially doing my 100 ideas, I chose what Ideas were sensible and realistic. I took the time to just get a load of doodles down. I did this so I could see dimensions and arrange the layout in accordance to the hierarchy of importance of the text, and the layout of the imagery if any.

I came up with the idea of pebbles bouncing off the different letters in the design, and thought it would link well to Bexhill being a seaside town. I drew experience from the Illustrator awards at Somerset House in London, where movement could be illustrated and implied by simple lines

I also came up with the idea of fitting the text within a bird. I did this because it links in well with the seaside theme. I would have liked to have developed the idea however, I felt like my capabilities in illustrator wouldn’t allow me to. I hope to in the future learn how to do this and use effectively in a design.


I wanted to link something with the idea of moving or walking. The first thing that came to mind were footsteps or footprints. I wanted to incorporate this into a design. I found it difficult to arrange the footprint effectively in a way that would be visually stimulating. I tried blowing it up to a fill the page, and maybe when it gets to the computer design, lowering the opacity so it fades into the background. I also had the idea of fitting it below or around the word “walk”, however I thought it looked a bit like clip art and quite amateurish.


Ice Cream Design
Ice Cream Design

I quite like this design, and i think i would be able to achieve this when it comes to implementing it into a digital design. I’d like to fun bold colours like blue and pink and maybe use a drawn sans serif typeface.

Army Memorial Design


I like the idea of using the around on a curve, I think this could be quite visually pleasing, however I may want to use a smaller point size and maybe all in lowercase as its less important text, and I don’t want to detract from the more important text. I also like the alignment  of the body of the text, centred and should draw the audiences eye.

Flag Design

I don’t really like this design. I think the important text may get lost and the imagery doesn’t work.


I’m not an artist by any means, however I thought sketching things out and not feeling embarrassed by the poor quality was incredibly handy just to get ideas down and how the design could be arranged. I also found that sketching one idea actually triggered another. I found its important to filter out any ideas quickly that won’t work for any reason, and stick to something realistic in the time given.

20151016_155852 20151016_155839


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