Turners Fine Foods November Newsletter

Today I started planning the promotional monthly newsletter we send out to inform our customers of new and exciting products we are selling, and making them aware of discounts, in a friendly, informal way. We target chefs and the catering industry across the UK, so its important to use interesting imagery and recommend professional products to catch the eye of the intended audience.

I started thinking of ideas for articles that might interest chefs around christmas. Here is a plan of what might go into the newsletter.

From this I had a rough idea of what products may go into the newsletter, however the list needed developing. Collaborating with fellow colleagues, I gathered new ideas and opinions and changed slightly.

From this I was able to start the layout of the four sided document, thinking about what images I could use on the front cover to attract the eye, and with a Christmas theme. When thinking about what goes where, I thought about the hierarchy of the products, and what size the should be in relation to other articles and the whole document.

After finalising the list of products and the layout of the articles, I started to think about what imagery i could use in each piece, and how I might photograph each product to show it in its best light. This will later help me when I come to take the photo’s, as I will have an idea of what shots I will need and what I might do when I process them before putting them into the newsletter document, for example, with the cheese I hope to preserve the shadow of the cheese to create some depth in the piece.


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