The Audience and further designs

Tonight i’ve been developing my typographic poster, and one thing i’m noticing is that I have all these weird and wonderful ideas, but keep diverting my attention away from who my poster is targeting. I want fellow type enthusiasts, graphic designers, and professionals to notice the design, and this means I need to use interesting type in a visually interesting way. I went back to my images and my 100 ideas, and looked at what else i could use and develop, thinking about the what type would work well together on a poster that needed to be noticed from afar. I created a modernist type of design, very minimalistic, using the important information in a rectangular formation, and using a light blue to differentiate between ‘Typographic Walk” and “30th October 2015”. I chose blue because it was in keeping with the both the sea theme, and the blue skies. I used a hand painted T  in typographic, sourced in Bexhill. I feel it gives the design a personal feel touch, in an area where art and design flares, and the beautiful landscapes inspire. I wanted to incorporate  some sort of imagery in the design. I found a picture i took of a seagull on top of one of the iconic domes on the seafront. The dome shape worked well when i put the text “around” around it, drawing a circle with the ellipse tool and then using type on a path. Something I struggled with was the positioning of the “for further information, visit our website,” segment. i think the design would have looked better if everything was aligned centre, however I felt the space wouldn’t allow me to do so without the design looking cramped and not easily read. I did however like the simplicity of the piece, and it leant itself well to the peaceful seaside town. I tried to apply the principles of C.R.A.P when designing this piece, contrast in the type, and colour of the text, repetition can be seen in the blue text, alignment, centred, but not all centred. Examples of proximity can be seen in the grouping of the linked information, with appropriate spacing between each section.


I think i will use this design for my final piece. Out of all my designs, I think it meets the brief appropriately. I like how all the information is positioned, and i also like the typefaces used in the design.I also like how I have incorporated quite an iconic piece of design in the dome pavilion, with the seagull centred. I don’t however like the image I’ve used for the T. Im not sure it quite adds anything.


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