World Illustrator Awards – Sommerset House

Today, we visited Sommerset House in London to explore the World Illustrator Awards 2015. Looking around the exhibit was great for gathering inspiration for the design of my typographic poster.

I particularly liked a piece produced by Gail Armstrong, where she combines coloured, patterned and textured paper in different layers, giving the design depth and texture. The dress of the woman to the left of the piece is textured and the audience can almost get a sense of the feel just from looking. I really like this, and hope to implement some sort of texture in my design The use of different layers’ casts natural shadow on the layers below, this can be seen clearly from the woman bottom right of the piece. I also absolutely love the white doves come out of the frame and flying up and beyond up the wall. It makes the eye travel outside the frame. Also, I noticed the positioning and scale of the doves. The smaller doves looked further away and the larger a lot closer to me.

Gail Armstrong - SAGO
Gail Armstrong – SAGO

The design was clearly aimed at a female audience, with shopping and indulgence the main themes. The piece was designed for the 29th anniversary of a department store called SAGO, Hong Kong. Gail has also designed pieces for M&S, Rowntree’s Randoms, and Aero. I really like the style of her work, very simple shapes, curves, lines and colours. Shadows are clearly a really effective tool to add depth to a design, and this is something that I will try and explore when I’m designing my typographic poster.

Another piece that gave me some inspiration for my typographic poster was by Andrew Rae, using simple lines to display movement of a hand. It sparked an idea in my head, to use stones falling, and bouncing off a character positioned center of the poster. Below is a sketch of my idea, and will be going into my 100 ideas in my notebook.

Idea Sketch
Idea Sketch


Malika Favre was given a brief by BFTA to produce a piece that captured the glamour and anticipation of its prestigious film awards. Malika used very simple outlines of human shapes, with directional light or a spotlight on the character to cast a shadow, giving depth and also fulfilling the brief, as stars will be in the spotlight at the BAFTA awards. The imagery fills the majority of the page, drawing the eye in, with the relevant information placed in the bottom two corners.

Malika Favre BAFTA design
Malika Favre BAFTA design

Finally, I’d like to talk about a design by Owen Davey, who combines hand drawings with digital design. One thing I picked out from this design was the alignment and composition of the imagery and text. The rule of thirds is used roughly with this piece. The text is aligned to the left and centered between two of the thirds, whilst the image sits to the far right third of the page. The text is a single line, and the white space around it makes the words seem more prominent, as if every word is important and must be read. I also like the repetition of colour between the word budgie, and the green budgie to the right.


So to conclude, I really enjoyed the exhibition. I feel like I have gathered loads of new ideas in the printing, illustration and texture of my design for the typographic walk. I’m not a very confident artist at all, however I was inspired by seeing accomplished artists at the exhibition use simple shapes and colour schemes to create incredibly beautiful pieces of design. It was also interesting to see examples of their rough initial sketches, and how rough they can actually be. Its all about getting the ideas down on paper, no matter how bizarre they may be, they can be filtered out eventually.


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