Edward De Bono – P.M.I

Plus, minus, interesting, this is an idea developed by Edward De bono that encourages the participant to think about both sides of an argument and think more broadly about an issue. He felt that one of the problems with traditional thinking is that people trying to justify there opinion that has already been formed. PMI helps open up participants thinking and promotes creative thinking.

In relation to the type walk poster, its a good tool to use when I’m looking at other peoples poster designs. The idea that you can critique someone elses work and pick out what you like, don’t like, and find interesting is great for fueling my own creativity. Santa made from the beginning of the course, the more resources and fuel you put into your head, the more creative creations and imaginative ideas will come out.

The poster I chose to “PMI” in class was this rum bottle..

I like how the text is around an image on an anchor in the center

I also like how its in the shape of a bottle, and the product is a bottle based rum

I like the texture on the text, looks quite old and rough

The simplicity of the design, the background isnt busy, black, and this contrasts well with  th lighter colours of the text.

My poster wont be promoting a drink/bottle so I don’t think this shape is relevant to my design


the warped type, I like this idea of text in a shape, and hopefully can use this in my poster design, using a shape that the local people can instantly recognise. I also think the image of the anchor within the bottle adds another dimension, and draws the eye to the center of the page. The texture over the text makes a two dimensional text into something that looks like you could touch and feel just by looking at it.

Bottle Of Rum Poster
Bottle Of Rum Poster

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