Camden Quarter Comedy Night Flyer

I work for a food wholesale company called Turners Fine Foods in the marketing and graphic design department. Our aim is to creatively inform our customers of the following:

  • New Products
  • Special Offers/Promotions
  • In Season Fresh Produce

We also work for the Camden Quarter, a restaurant in Tunbridge Wells that is owned by the financial director Toby Raphael. They recently hosted a sucessfull comedy night in September. I was given the brief to design an a4 leaflet/flyer that could be used to promote the event. I started thinking of things related to comedy. Some of the ideas I had were the as follows:

  • Comedy Microphone
  • Red Curtains
  • Hipster
  • Moustache
  • Hats
  • Laughter
  • Audience

I kept the design in context to the style of the restaurant and branding, using a a really dark grey as the background, almost black, and white text, blue text identifying the event. Here are some of the design variations I came up with.

The event was such a success that they decided to run it again the following month. After starting the HND Graphics course I’ve felt more comfortable and relaxed about sharing my opinions, idea’s and am more able and confident about implementing them. I’ve just finished the final design for the October comedy night. I’ve shown people at work and at home and the general feedback has been really positive! I hope the comedy night is as much as a success as the previous months.



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