Divergent and Convergent Thinking – 100 Ideas

Following our first lesson in creative thinking, we started to cover one of my biggest fears about the course, generating ideas. Sancha began the lesson with two quotes which i’d like to reference:

There is nothing so dangerous as an idea when it is the only one you have

– Émile Chartier –

the best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas

– Linus Pauling

I thought this summed my feelings up exactly. We were given random objects and had to think of alternative ways they could be used. Even though it was daunting, Sancha reassured us that you can’t fail, there is no wrong answer, just get every single thought and idea down on paper, no matter how stupid or controversial it may be. These are the initial ideas that can either be discarded, or developed into something amazing.

Alternative uses for a paperclip and tea stirer
Alternative uses for a paperclip and tea stirer
Different uses for a brick
Different uses for a brick and alien children’s book materials 
Improvements to an iceskate
Improvements to an ice skate

After getting all the ideas out and down on paper, we went on to talk about convergent thinking. What might work? What is effective? Logistics? Using these as filters, we sorted what was achievable, and not so achievable. It was important not to filter out any creativity, other ideas might stem from the initial ideas.

Finally, we talked about how things around us can trigger ideas. Its a good idea to look around the wider world in search of ideas and with this in mind, Sancha gave us some homework, to write down 100 ideas for how someone could remember your name. Heres what i came up with:

100 Ideas
100 Ideas

Preparation – get ready, research, plan

Incubation – subconscious mulling over

Illumination – the ‘Aha’ moment

Realisation – testing ideas, prototypes etc.

Walking crosses preparation with incubation and helps you notice things


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